Subject 105

That Dutch Guy

Species: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Name: Dutchy
Abilities: Unknown
Dimension: Earth 0

Section 1.
Subject 105 also known as the core seems to be in a dormant state, unaware of its powers or origin. Contact with the antagonistic force subject 466 commonly known as Faith has been kept within an acceptable range so far, with only one instance in which it tried to communicate with him but failed.

Note to staff: High alert status on contact remains in effect!

Section 2.
Subject 105 has taken a liking to earth 0 even calling it home. But is also acutely aware that something is wrong with it, which opens up the possibility for interrogation as the subject might know more than we do.

Section 3.
Subject 105 is in clear contact with another human entity on earth 46, this contact was brought about by its collision with earth 0. This entity is known to the agency only by its codename subject 201 or unity. The agency has found no reason to obstruct this contact so far as it poses no tangible threat.

Section 4.
Subject 105 works for a private detective agency known as O.O.C.U.D which researches and Contains supernatural events on earth 0, these occurrences might be effects of the timeline collision between earth 0 and 46 and thus subject 105’s interactions with these events are to be moderated.

Current directive: Monitor and Moderate.

End of briefing.