subject 23

Species: Entity (Endinian)
Sex: unknown
Age: unknown
Name: Kartoffela
Abilities: Unknown
Dimension: Earth 0, The null plain, eden.

Section 1

Subject 23 is a level 300 god entity that stems from the Endinian subblood of the Entropa* edians. Born of a forbidden afair between Lelya the original god of fate and Timethy the original god of time and raised by her older sister orital the Endinian god of greed. subject 23 is considered to be the official entity of chaos.

*fate governors

Section 2

Subject 23 is currently bound to a doll in the possession of subject 105 and poses litle to no threat to the agencies continued operations, it should however be noted that this entity when active is extremely dangerous and destructive.

Section 3

Subject 23 is under no circumstances is to find out about the agencies existence, for it would use the colective information our operations have aquired over decades to spread confusion and discord throughout the multiverse.

Current directive: Monitor remotly (DO NOT SEEK AND OR ENGAGE)

End of briefing.